NEWADA was presented during the SEE Annual Event
2012.06.29., Bologna
Slovakian, Hungarian and Serbian NEWADA project partners participated at the Annual Event of the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme hosted by Italy in Bologna.
Successful implementation of NEWADA and WANDA – results of 3 years of transnational cooperation presented to stakeholders in Serbia
2012.03.29., Belgrade
More than 80 stakeholders participated at the final presentation of NEWADA and WANDA project results, held on 29th of March 2012 in Belgrade.
NEWADA Final Event a Great success!
2012.03.05., Budapest
The NEWADA final event proved a great success, attracting over 100 participants, project partners, stakeholders and high-ranking policy-makers. The organizers – RSOE and via donau - shared the project results and outputs as well as their strong commitment to the Danube waterway and Danube navigation with a large audience.
Dissemination at the joint final event of IRIS Europe II and RISING projects
2011.12.01., Duisburg
The two European RIS projects organized a final conference in Duisburg on 1st December 2011 to present their results and outputs to the stakeholders.
NEWADA presentation in the run of the common RIS issues meeting
2011.11.16., Venice
The project was invited to the RIS Common Issues Meeting organised by Platina FP7 project during the RIS week, when all RIS expert groups were having their meetings.
NEWADA presented at Serbian SEE Info days as an example of good project practice
2011.11.10., Belgrade
The SEE Info Day on the 4th call for proposals, organized by the Serbian European Integration Office, was held on 08th and 10th of November 2011, in Belgrade, in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.
DISC – Danube Information Services Conference
2011.11.09., Bucharest
DISC – Danube Information Services Conference – is organized by the GIS Forum Danube ( on an annual basis since 2001.
FIS Portal interconnection test workshop in Budapest
2011.10.05., Budapest
In order to develop the joint Danube portal, the NEWADA Danube FIS Portal, the Danube countries shall send their actual fairway related data (e.g. water level or notices to skippers) in a harmonised way. Therefore the NEWADA partners were having a meeting in Budapest organised by RSOE on 5th October 2011 to test how the data provision to the FIS Portal works.
Smart Rivers meets NEWADA
2011.09.13., New Orleans, USA
The NEWADA project was among the many themes covered in the technical programme of the 5th Smart Rivers Conference which was held on September 13-16 in New Orleans, USA. In session 4 D “Public Policy/ Finance Theme”, Hélène Gilkarov of via donau, the Austrian Waterway Administration presented the NEWADA Project in the Danube Corridor. Harmonized cooperation and coordination in all aspects of the NEWADA project and the creation of new framework conditions for PR pro Danube were at the core of the presentation.
The NEWADA Project Presented on Plovput Info Day in Belgrade
2011.09.02., Belgrade
Plovput Info Day on EU funded projects was held on 02nd of September 2011, in Belgrade. The goal o the event, organized by the Directorate for Inland Waterways, was to present achieved results and future plans for improvement of navigation conditions on the Danube River.
NEWADA wireless network test at the Iron Gate I
2011.06.22., Iron Gate I (RO)
In the frames of the project WLAN networks are being established along the Danube at port, lock and border areas. The project partners executed a joint test together at the 'Iron Gate I' lock near to Drobeta Turnu Severin to gain and exchange experiences on site.
NEWADA at "Europe for Us"
2011.05.15., Sofia (Bulgaria)
NEWADA was one of the projects presented during the International Exhibition for EU Programmes and Projects “Europe for Us”, in the period May 13-15, 2011 in Sofia.
Project status quo - October, 2010
Stay up to date - latest news on NEWADA project's progress!
NEWADA in the focus of the 9th DISC conference
2010.09.20., Ruse
For the second time out of 9 conferences until now DISC will be organised in the framework of the project NEWADA. This year’s conference will be organized in Ruse, Bulgaria on 3-4 November 2010.
International Conference on European Inland Waterway Navigation, 2010
2010.06.16., Baja, Hungary
The 6th International Conference on European Inland Waterway Navigation (EIWN) was held between 10-11 June, 2010 in Baja, Hungary, organised by the Department of Aircraft and Ships of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The EIWN conferences traditionally deal with the general problems and trends of inland waterway navigation, though every time it stresses actual question. The slogan of the 6th Conference was: Humans for the Danube – Danube for the Humans.
Project status quo - May, 2010
The NEWADA project has been launched for more than a year. Hereby we would like to provide you an overview on the activities carried out and the achievements reached since the project has started.
8th Disc Info Event in Austria - Waterway administrations meet telematics
2010.01.05., Linz, Austria
On 28-29 October, the annual info event of the 8th GIS Forum, DISC (Danube Information Service Conference) convened in Linz, Austria, at the Park Inn Hotel. On the agenda this year, along with the annual reports and conclusions on RIS-related activities, were new projects such as NEWADA (Network of Danube Waterway Administrations), and latest developments in existing projects.
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