Objectives & Activites
NEWADA, Network of Danube Waterway Administrations aims at increasing the efficiency of the Danube as the European Transport Corridor VII by intensifying cooperation between waterway administrations to promote inland navigation as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly mode of transport.
  • Cooperation on hydrological and hydrographical tasks will be intensified in order to achieve a higher impact. The efficiency of daily work has to be increased through the exchange of know-how among experts as well as through the identification of best practise cases.
  • Physical accessibility of the waterway infrastructure will be improved. National action plans, feasibility studies, bilateral projects and implementation guidelines for improving waterway maintenance and river engineering will be worked out in cooperation with other Danube countries.
  • Access to ICT (Information and Communication Technology) networks and services will be enhanced in order to overcome shortcomings. Up-to-date waterway related data will be provided to waterway administrations of neighbouring countries, third parties and users.
  • Responsible stakeholders will be integrated and cooperation will be fostered. The communication between waterway administrations, development agencies and Ministries of Transport shall be enhanced. Waterway administrations shall be transformed into service oriented organisations in order to meet user demands.
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